CAD-CAM Technology

CAD-CAM System

The Swiss cutting systems, Zünd, are renowned for their experience and innovative technology. These digital systems are characterized by its precision, dynamism and maximum speed. They increase the cutting performance, reducing the cost of materials and allowing an optimized workflow, which means a quick return of investment.

It has different sizes of workspace to suit the diverse needs of each company, and therefore sets new styles of production. It has a modular cutting system that provides just the right tool for each material; leather, sole, lining, reinforcement, pattern materials and many more.

With over 300 cutting systems installed in the leather sector in Spain, Miver´s CAD-CAM system is considered by leather manufacturers and designers in our country as the ideal system for their productions.

Miver, true to its history of over 35 years in the leather sector, has always distributed the best leading brands for each segment. The combination of the CAD-SIPECO by INESCOP, the precission and flexibility of a cutting system like ZUND, world leader in cutting systems, together with the technical service and after-sales service that Miver offers, makes CAD-CAM MIVER a first-class choice for an efficient and quality production.

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